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Green Policy

We are among the first tour operators in Thailand who focus on conducting the private trips with less environmental impact in mind, yet not compromising the comfort of the trip.
We value eco-friendly tourism as the sustainable tourism that will benefit everyone in the Thailand tourism industry both in long term and short term.
We commit to the green practice, continuous improvement on eco-friendly tourism and also encouragement / support to our business partners to do the same.
Our main strategy is
    4R – Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Office Practices
•    We work at home. Cutting carbon footprint and travel time to / from the office (and cut the rent too). Not to mention that we have the happy chance to work in our home sweet home

•    We do not use air conditioner in our home office. We do have air conditioner in our home but we will only use it in the very warm weather. So far, we have not turned it on since our inception in 2011.  

•    We use recycled paper and reuse them both sides before donating it to the Bangkok School for the Blind, whose visually impaired students will reuse it as their notebooks.

•    We consume as little resources as possible in our operation. We use Cloud network for collaboration. We do not use CD or thumb drive. This means we do not waste resource on the production on those media.

•    We mainly check you in the green accommodations or green hotels certified by dedicated Governmental bodies i.e. Green Leaf Foundation, or Department of Environmental Quality Promotion. The certification guarantee that they have the environmental conservation business conduct.

Shops & Restaurants
•    We pick the shops and restaurants owned by the locals and support the employment of the locals to make their business sustainable. On your menu, we mainly pick the local dishes that not only provide you the genuine local taste, but that also means less carbon footprint in the delivery and process.

Tour Guides
•    We mainly provide you the knowledgeable local tour guide from the area you are travelling. This means the guide does not have to travel far to guide your trip, meaning little carbon footprint and more importantly, you get the real life knowledge of the neighborhood.

•    We are keen to arrange the private eco-friendly trip for a compact group of friends and family members. This means that the trip will have little impact on the environment and unlikely to damage the environment or impact to the way of life of the locals and animals the area.

•    Our trip does not only provide you accurate detail of the trip as the other trips might do. We will also provide you the tips on how to travel with as little footprint as possible, yet not compromising the fun and comfort of your trip.

•    We prefer the NGV (Natural Gas for Vehicle) vehicle for your trip. NGV is proven and known as emitting less carbon and toxic gases. Your trip is then less harmful to the health and environment.

•    We also encourage you to travel by public transportations e.g. train, bus, boat or world famous Tuk Tuk. These means will provide the unique experience of traveling and low carbon footprint.

•    We share 1% of the income to Green World Foundation under the Royal Patronage of H.R.H. Princess Galyani Vadhana Kromluang Naradhivas Rajanagarinda, whose work inspire the development and adoption of environmental ethics and strengthen the capacity for proactively contributing to the sustainable care of the local environments, and to The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand, whose work is to conserve, rescue, and research of the animals.

Way of improvement

Though the eco-friendly tourism in Thailand and Indochina is still far from perfect, we, as the tour operator, are keen to play the important role to encourage the eco-friendly tourism industry to prosper and become the new sustainable trend of the region.   

We are also keen to learn and improve from your feedback, from our customers, and from the other business partners in world of the eco-friendly tourism entrepreneurs.