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Northern Charm Package

We expertize in customizing comfortable, private, exploring trip in the Kingdom of Thailand and Indochina

Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Green Travel Thailand   Tour Chiang Mai, Thailand  

5 Days in Chiang Mai - Lamphun - Lampang

The peaceful visit to the mixture of Burmese and Lanna culture in Northern part of Thailand.

- Chiang Mai

- Doi Inthanon

- Wachiratharn Waterfall

- Mae Chaem

- Lamphun

- Lampang

- Mahout Training program (Elephant Training)

Price starts at USD 696/person for group of 4 (twin sharing at 4 stars hotel)





Details of Northern Charm Package

Day 1: (-, L, -)

Chiang Mai - Doi Inthanon- Mea Cheam

Doi Inthanon

Pick up from the hotel in Chiang Mai and drive to the south of Chiang Mai to Doi Inthanon. Doi Inthanon is Thailand’s highest mountain and one of the lowest temperature peaks in Thailand, standing at over 2,500 meters above sea level. Doi Inthanon has a unique combined charm of plant and bird life, coupled with distinctive weather patterns. The weather is cool all year-round on Doi Inthanon, particular at its peak of 2,565 meters covers 1,005 square kilometers

Chiang Mai, Do Inthanon, Tour to Thailand 

Once you reach the peak, visit Kew Mea Pan Trail. This trail is set among a mainly untouched natural evergreen forest. The forest itself provides an essential environment and habitat for many animals, particularly birds. The bird life here is very rich, including the Green-Tails Sunbird, which found only here. Many of the birds found in area are migratory spending only part of the year in Doi Inthanon while others make Doi Inthanon their permanent habitat. Altogether, these make the perfect ecosystem that can be found along this natural trail. However permission must be sought at Inthanon Head Quarter to get access to trail. Limited numbers of visitors will be allowed in order to preserve and maintain the delicate environment.


Green Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Visit the twin chedi Noppamethanedol & Noppapol Phumsiri - built by Royal Thai Air force to honor King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit, and the summit containing the shrine of Chao Inthawitchayanon, the former prince of Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai, Tour, Doi Inthanon, Thailand 

Along the way, visit Wachiratharn waterfall, the most beautiful waterfall in Doi Inthanon National Park area. The waterfall is 750 meters above sea level. Enjoy the magnificent view of nature, breath the pure air then we continue our journey to look at Karen hill tribe villages that associate with Royal Project. King Bhumibol has initiated several projects in the past decades to help the local villagers get out of poverty with sustainable development.

Chiang Mai Tour, Doi Inthanon, Tour Thailand

Doi Inthanon Royal Project is located at Khun Klang village, Chiang Mai, at kilometer 31.The slopes of Doi Inthanon are home to many of His Majesty the King Bhumibols Royal Projects that are worked by many of the 3,000 Hill tribe peoples who live at this high altitude for generations. Most people are from the Karen or Hmong tribes (there is a large Hmong village near the Park Headquarters at Baan Khun Glang). They are engaged in Royal projects ranging from trout farm to coffee farm. This project is responsible for promoting agricultural practices of Meo and Karen Hilltribe in the area of Doi Inthanon. There are several of cold-climate flowers cultivated in the nurseries such as carnations, chrysanthemums and vegetables.

Lunch will be provided along the trip  

After the pleasant visit we will continue to check in at Mae Chaem


Day 2: (B, L, -)

Mae Chaem

Tour Chiang Mai, Mae Cham, Thailand


For early risers: take a ride to Kruba Sri Vichat Statue, the holy monk of Northern Thailand to take part in a daily Buddhist ceremony “Tak Batr” or “Merit Making” by giving offerings to monks on their arms-rounds with local people. Purify your mind and learn how to give and live a part of Buddhism.   

Take a visit to myriad of local temples around the Chiang Mai area. They are the evidences of how much the life of the locals is involved with Buddhism. Many of these temples dated back to as long as a few centuries. You will witness the different cultures and architectures of the temples which sometimes standing next to each other’s Several old rural temples are located near Mae Chaem. The old viharn of Wat Pa Daet contains some 19th century murals, which are well preserved in parts.
The viharn dates back to 1877. Wat Yang Luang is down a lane, just the short track down to Wat Pa Daet. 

Across the river from Mae Chaem market to the north of Chiang Mai, Wat Putha En has a rare wooden ubosot set on posts in a lotus pond. The temple dates back to 1868 B.E. Further is Wat Kong Kan (just over 7 km. from Mae Chaem) which contains a large, old seated Buddha image. The dirt road that runs beyond Wat Kong Kan promises an interesting tour into remote countryside.

Tour Chiang Mai, Mae Cham, Thailand

Then, just a short ride from Mae Chaem, lies the village of the Teen Jok Sarong Weavers. Most of the villagers in Tambon Tapaa are skilled in this beautiful handloom technique. The unique style of weaving produces sarongs that are available in a number of elegant designs, and which are remarkably cheap. These garments make exotic, yet affordable souvenirs. The famous annual Teen Jok Festival is held in these villages.

Day 3:(B, L, -)

Mae Cheam - Lamphun - Lampang

After breakfast, continue trip to Lamphun. The trip takes approximately 3 hours. Along the way, we will stop at local market where the deep-fried insects are sold as typical snack for the locals. These insects have been studied as the good source of protein and various nutritions to human body. We will also stop at a very beautiful temple of Wat Phra that Hiriphunchai and wat Chedi liam. 



Wat Phra That Hariphunchai Woramahawihan is one of the most important temples of the North, which was built during the reign of King Arthitayarat some 800 years ago. A principal landmark is the 46-metre tall golden Chedi whose present appearance was the result of the restoration work in 1443 B.E. by a king of Chiang Mai. It has long been regarded as a major place of worship. Other architectural works include the ancient-style brick arch adorned with fine designs and the pair of sculptured lions at the door.     


Tour North Thailand, Wat Chamtewi, Lamphun


Wat Chedi Liam or Wat Chamtewi is located on the Lamphun’s San Pa Tong Road and built in 1298 B.E. in the Lawo (Lopburi) style. The Chedi is a square structure similar to Buddhagaya in India. Around the Chedi are levels of arches holding a total of 60 Buddha statues. Ashes of a queen are enshrined within the Chedi

Continue the journey to stay in Lampang

Accommodation:  Lampang River lodge or equivalent


Day 4: (B, L, -)

Lampang: Mahout training 

This one day exciting program begins with instruction from English-speaking staff, then riding your elephant, visiting the dung paper factory and elephant hospital, feeding lunch, bathing, enjoying the elephant show, and continue your joy of elephant riding, including heading the elephant back to the forest.

Elephant Training Camp, Lampang, Thailand


Accommodation:  Lampang River lodge


Day 5: (B, L, -)

Lampang - Chiang Mai 

After breakfast, take a trip to visit town of Lampang. 

Morning city orientation by Lampang way, horse ride. The horse carriages were used as an only mean of transportation in Lampang province during the reign of King Rama V. The first horse carriage was bought from Bangkok. Nowadays, the horse carriages are still used in Lampang as a mean of daily urban transportation. 

Lampang, Thailand

Continue to Baan Saonak, which was designed in a combination of northern Thai and Burmese architectures. The verandah around the house shows a distinct Burmese architecture, while the roofs and general structures are typical Lanna Thai. The wonder of the house is that 116 teak pillars support it. Ban Sao Nak has become one of the tourist attractions in Lampang. Antiques collections are shown together with a souvenir shop selling handicraft products. 

Observe the town at Talad Kao (meaning old market), Thanon Talad Kao or Thanon Talad Chin or Thanon Khon Doen (meaning Walking street), Kat Kongta is a market next to the pier. In the past, it was a prosperous market. The buildings on both sides of the riverbank have a combination of European, Chinese and Burmese architectural styles. Thanon Khon Doen, Kat Kongta presents a local lifestyle of the Kat Kongta community. 

Lampang, Tour to Thailand


Finished with Wat Prathat Lampang Luang, which is a Lanna-style Buddhist temple in Lampang. To enter the temple, you must pass a pair of guardian lions and climb the naga stairway up to the massive main gate. The main prayer hall, the Wiharn Luang, stands close inside the main entrance. The wiharn is open on all four sides, forming a huge covered hall. Sturdy columns support the roof. The columns are finished in black lacquer and stenciled with gold leaf designs. 

Arrive Chiang Mai and continue to your next destination.  


Transfer to Chiang Mai airport (end of tour with smile and happiness)


Northern Charm Package