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TAT License: 11/06660



 ·       How different is GTT from the other tour companies?  

o   GTT provides you the rare ‘Slow Travel’ service in the Kingdom of Thailand’. We aim at the travelers who recognize the depth of the exploration of the Kingdom and want to learn the way of living of Thailand

o   GTT also tailors your desire of true relaxation by immerging yourself into the beauty of the places, knowing the local culture

o   GTT also stresses on the Green trip. We’d try to make your trip as environment-friendly as possible. We handpick the restaurants, hotels, resorts which share the same views. We try our best to deal with the business partners who have certain policies/practices over the environment e.g. sustainable community development, green energy policy, waste management policy etc. However, we will not compromise the quality and comfort of your trip.


·       Does GTT only have the programs as put in the web? Can GTT arrange the hassle-free dream trip for me so that I can have the trip of my own while I do not have to arrange/manage every little detail myself during the trip?

o   The programs we offer in the web are only the few, standard trips, which give you some ideas of how we are different from the others. We actually encourage you to have the trip of your own, be it a week in the Kingdom or a few months to explore the whole Kingdom from north to south, from misty, chilled mountains to sunny, warm oceans. Let us know your idea of the trip and we will offer you the trip you will never forget.

·       How do I buy the package?

o   Simply let us know what package you are interested and how many people in your group, we will send you the invoice. Once you agree with the package offered and you can simply pay via your credit card or bank account.

o   All the transaction will be through PayPal so you do not have to worry about the safety of the transaction. On the other hand, our system can support the payment even you do not have the account with PayPal


·       How can I be sure that the online payment will be safe?

o   We partner with PayPal, the world-renowned online financial service. By doing so, you do not have to share your financial information and you do not even have to get the PayPal account. That means your personal information will always be intact. We are registered Travel Agency of TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand, The governing body of the tourism industry of the Thai Government) license No. 11/06660


·       Do I have to pay any charge over the package?

o   We do not charge any other fee than the package itself

·       What if I have a certain plan of my own how/where I want to travel, what can you do for me?

o   We will help you to focus only the fun and memorable part of the trip by being in charge of the other part i.e. booking, reservation, and transportation. Being the expert in the industry, we can help you get even better trip and with low service charge added on the other service rate (which we, as the operator, can get lower rate than you do), you might even end up paying at the similar rate as you do all the hassle yourself.